Living in the Chalet


Living Area

The living area accommodates 6 comfortably for dinner and the table extends if required. It’s a great gathering space for families to eat, play cards and relax after a day up the hill. Make a fire, read a book, play some cards. We don’t have a TV as our chalet is a bit of a detox zone and there isn’t fibre in the valley yet, so streaming services are better on your devices. There are some games in the cupboard. We’ve left some reference guides in the little shelf in the wall / piste maps / local magazines. There is a secret drinks cabinet in the lift-up door next to the fireplace. You’re welcome to have a cheeky rum if there’s a bottle there, just replace it if you empty it.

The Reading Room.

We’ve put a big sofa in the room downstairs next to the garage if families want to split up for peace. The family we bought the chalet from used to use it for storage only, but we wanted to make a space to go and read or let kids play with toys/on their ipads in peace (ours seem to do that in their bedrooms, but still). There is a lamp in the corner but it’s pretty basic for now. You’ll want to put the heater on in there for an hour if you’re going down. Please make sure you turn it off again. The cupboard in that room is locked.

To open the door to the balcony, turn the handle anti-clockwise all the way down. Be careful that you make the doors slot in together when you close them before you turn the handle back around to close. A light but firm press with the bottom of your foot will also help the door close over the ledge. You can take the two external chairs next to the dining table out onto the balcony but please bring they back in when you leave the chalet.


The shower has good pressure and there should be adequate hot water for a full round of showers, but the cylinder isn’t big enough for multiple long showers or indulgent baths so try not to leave a family member with the cold shower at the end! 

If it’s cold, put the heater on (the switch goes down and up ) and set it to 15-20 and the door shut to keep it warm there and towels dry. The floor in there is heated, so it does warm up anyway if you keep the door shut. Please don’t cover the heater. Please try not to overload the toilet, it’s fairly resilient but only likes toilet paper.


We’re colour coded the bedrooms for each reference. The Green room has a slight bigger bed (a 180cm double), the Blue room and Pink room are 160cm doubles. They all have large 240x220cm winter duvets.  The Anglepoise bedside lamps are controlled by pushing the back of the ‘head’ in. Hold the button to dim them. The left hand cupboard in the blue room is the water closet for the boiler and our stuff, so is locked. The high shelves in the wardrobe of the Pink room are used for linen storage. There are some extra fluffy blankets top left. 

The duvets are winter ones and you’ll get warm under them pretty quickly. So much so that we tend to sleep without heating. 





We’re installed a new cooker and fridge this year and have added a new kettle, Nespresso coffee machine and toaster. The hob is operated by holding down the power button and then holding the relevant ring down to turn it on. 

Mugs and glasses are in the high cupboard next to the cooker.  Plates and bowls are in the low cupboard on the right. There are some plastic cups for kids. Cooking bowls / pans are below the cooker. Tea is in the left hand drawer near the kettle. The water is really cold and fresh, no need for bottled water.

The Fire
The fire is yours to use if you wish. If it’s cold, it really makes the evening. We’ve left logs out and there are more beneath the balcony outside. You might want to grab a bag of kindling / an old newspaper if you’re doing some shopping to get things started. The interesting shaped metal tool above the fire opens the door of the fire by inserting it in and sliding downward. Once the fire is going, use the other end of the tool to pull the small puller at the top right of the fire door towards yourself and it will drop the amount of air going into the fire once you have it up to temperature and let it burn for longer. Push it back in before you open the door.

The right hand door next to the wardrobe is the cleaning cupboard. This is predominantly for the chalet cleaning company. Please only use the hoover inside the chalet, not to hoover out cars, it’s only a battery one. There are some other cleaning products under the sink. 

The chalet has a thermostat-controlled in-floor heating to keep the base temperature of the chalet at a reasonable level. The storage heater in the lounge controls the living area heating beyond that. We advise keeping the dial at 3 in the winter and 2 in the summer. The bottom dial should be where the lines meet the orange pointer. Don’t touch the buttons. That should keep the house at about 19 degrees. If you make a fire it will go up to 21-23 degrees. There is a thermostat on the wall in the middle of the room. Each bedroom has a heater (these very rarely need turning on if ever) and there is one in the reading room downstairs. 

Winter Gear storage

Our garage is our boot room. It has a drain in the centre and we leave our skis and snowboards against the walls in there. The boot warmer is switched on at the side and, when on, will come on overnight.

There is a wardrobe behind the lounge door (left hand door) with hangers for coats and outdoor gear. It it’s winter, make sure you put your coats in here rather than downstairs in the garage or they’ll be freezing in the morning. 

We’d advise that you leave only hardware in the garage and take your boots just inside the door and put them on the shoe rack in the hall. If it is really cold, take them up and warm them by the fire. The same goes for goggles and gloves. You don’t want those frozen!


Sadly we’re still waiting on Fibre in Morzine. We therefore don’t have a landline internet connection. Don’t be fooled by the router, it’s a 4G one we have to have for the security camera for our insurance. We use 4G when we’re in the chalet. If you don’t have your own data plan, we also use internet through an esim provider, such as Airelo or Ubigi;   / 


Morzine Tourism also rent MiFI routers if you’re unable to get data through your own device;


There is no roadside collection in Morzine. The nearest rubbish bins are are the base of the hill, just off the roundabout. If you could take your bins and any glass/bottles with you when you leave and drop them there that’s just perfect.